Katutura (Namibia: 2015)


Florian Schott

Cast list

Obed Emvula         Tjuna Kauapirura
Odile Muller           Gift Uzera
Kandi Shejavali     Chops Tshoopara


Obed Emvula


This powerful film is one that tells the story of Katutura and the everyday struggles of life in the township. There are constant instances of crime, drug abuse, and violence. Despite the overwhelming amount of disparity, there is strength in the community and their creativity to prosper during such hard times. This film follows a group of characters through the turmoil and tough times of the township. The main characters Dangi, who is an ex-convict who must lead a clean and law-abiding life, crosses paths with Shivago, who is looking for a new market to sell his drugs to, and Kondja, who is a teenager in a wheelchair who helps street kids. The collision of these lives makes for a powerful representation of both the brutality and the hopefulness that these young lives experience.


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