Camp de Thiaroye (Senegal: 1988)


Ousmane Sembène, Thierno Faty Sow

Cast list

Sidiki Bakaba, Hamed Camara, Philippe Chamelat


Writing credits: Ousmane Sembène, Thierno Faty Sow

Production credits: Mustafa Ben Jemja, Ouzid Dahmane, Mamadou Mbengue


A critique on the colonial system, ‘Camp de Thiaroye’ is a war-drama about the mutiny and mass murder of French West African troops, via the hands of French forces in late 1944. Though the film is not a documentary about the events of the Thiaroye Massacre, it is considered an important historical document regarding the events of (and leading up to) the Thiaroye Massacre.


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