Hyènes (Senegal: 1992)


Djibril Diop Mambéty

Cast list

Ami Diakhate: Linguere Ramatou
Mansour Diouf: Dramaan
Calgou Fall: The Priest
Faly Gueye: Madame Drameh
Mamadou Mahourédia Gueye: The Mayor
Issa Ramagelissa Samb: The Professor


Writing Credits: Djibril Diop Mambéty and Friedricj Dürrenmatt
Cinematography: Matthias Kälin


A once-prosperous Senegalese village has been falling further into poverty year by year until the village's elders are reduced to selling town possessions to pay debts. Linguère, a former resident and local beauty, now very rich, returns to this, the village of her birth. The elders hope that she will be a benefactor to the village. To encourage her generosity, they appoint a local grocer, Dramaan, as mayor--who once courted her and will now try to persuade her to help. In fact, Linguère has returned with the intention of sharing her millions with the village but only in return for an unexpected action. This plot twist brings human folly and cynicism into sharp focus.


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