Kaddu Beykat (Senegal: 1976)


Safi Faye

Cast list

Assane Faye as Ngor
Maguette Gueye as Columba


Writing credits: Safi Faye

Production credits: Safi Faye


Ngor (a young man residing in a Senegalese village) wishes to marry Columba, but cannot afford the bride price due to the monetary effects of an ongoing drought. In an attempt to earn Columba's bride price, Ngor travels to Dakar seeking work. However, Ngor’s plans for Dakar fail to succeed accordingly. Returning to the village, Ngor shares the story of his experience with the other men.


Film reviews:

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Academic articles:

Senegalese Films: Kaddu Beykat, Black Girl, Faat Kiné, Mossane, Moolaadé, Borom Sarret, Hyènes, Xala, Liberté I, List of Senegalese Films, Mandabi. Memphis: Books LLC, 2010. Print.




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