Madame Brouette (Senegal: 2002)


Moussa Sene Absa

Cast list

Rokhaya Niang ... Mati
Aboubacar Sadikh Ba
Aboubacar Sadikh Ba ... Naago
Kadiatou Sy Kadiatou Sy ... Ndaxte
Ndeye Seneba Seck Ndeye Seneba Seck ... Ndeye
Ousseynou Diop
Akéla Sagna
Moustapha Niang
Juliette Ba ... (as Juliette Aita Ba)
Mody Fall
Ibrahima Mbaye ... (as Ibrahima Mbaye Sope)
Bassirou Diakhate ... Biraan
Mamadou Diallo ... Policier n° 1
El Hadj Dieng ... Père de Mati
Seynabou Sarr ... Fille du Commissariat
Samba Wane ... Inspecteur impôts


Produced by Badou Ba, Danielle Champoux, Rock Demers, Claude Gilaizeau, Moussa Sene Absa

Music by Maadu Diabaté, Serge Fiori Majoly

Cinematography by Jean-Jacques Bouhon

Film Editing by Matthieu Roy-Décarie

Production Design by Moustapha Ndaye ... (as Moustapha Ndiaye)

Costume Design by Fatou Kande Senghor


A murder investigation frames the background for the story in this film. Madame Brouette is a strong woman who is dedicated to providing for herself and for her daughter while living in a poor neighborhood in Dakar, Senegal. Flashbacks help develop the mystery of the murder of Naago, a police man and Madame Brouette’s boyfriend. Madame Brouette’s neighbors comment on her life and good character, and the question of whether she or a local crook killed Naago is raised.


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