Mossane (Senegal: 1996)


Safi Faye

Cast list

Magou Seck – Moussane
Alioune Konare – Fara
Alpha Diouf – Ngor
Moustapha Yade – Samba
Isseu Niang – Mere Mingue Diouf
Abou Camara – Oncle Baak


Writing Credits: Safi Faye
Set Designer: Assane Ndoye
Cinematographer: Jurgen Jurges
Music: Yande Codou Sene
Film Editor: Andree Davanture
Runtime: 105 minutes


Mossane, a 14-year-old girl whose legendary beauty is beloved by humans and spirits alike, falls in love with a poor student, Fara, but is betrothed to her family’s wealthy benefactor, Diogoye, who resides in France. When Diogoye calls for Mossane to be wed to him in his absence and sent to France, she rebels and escapes the wedding ceremony. Mossane flees by canoe to the middle of a river where the spirits carry her away.


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