Sandale-man 2: Arc du Révolutionnaire (Senegal: 2017)


Ayina Thiam

Cast list

Sandale-man/Souleymane Parker: Charles Kone

Le Revolutionnaire Mohan Woods: Amadou Lamine Diakhaté

Super Sandale-man stunt double/ security: Abdoul Khadre Dieng

Souleymane’s brother: Maurice Kone

Le Tonton: Jean-Jacques Toue

Joseph Compaoré: Ilame Fall

Proffesseur Woods: Ousmane Charles Dieme

News anchor: Rokhaya Balde

Karim Nkrumah: Ben Balde

Salimata: Aisha Dieng

Le clown des tenebres: Babacar Kanoute

Reporter: William Caho

Tourist 1 at the bar: Bryan Daluz

Tourist 2 at the bar: Tristan Vidal

French News Anchor: Adrien Lalou

Senegalese News Anchor: Alex Kohou

Monsieur Cohen: Florian Bobin

Senegalese family: Zaccharya Bathily, Awa Marone, Sokhna and Bass

Cellphone thief: Karim Diarrah

Thief accomplice: Rereaux Carter

Tonton’s butler: Yann Moni

Extras: Vivien Backa, Maguette Mbaye

Mercernary: Lamine Diakhate

Petit Louis: Tijane Diallo


Director/screen writer/post-production: Ayina Thiam

Co-director: Jean-Jacques Toue

Choreography: Amadou Lamine Diakhaté

Illustrators: Mohammad Lo; Charles Kone

Accessories: Maurice Kone; Rereaux Carter; Keli Azoma

Drone shots: Mr Buur

Additional Voices: Ousmane Souley

Soundtrack Mixers: Florian Bobin (groupe Asante); Vincent Francis Moreau; Alex Kohou


After a meteor has threatened Dakar city and its inhabitants, Souleymane has to pull out his sandals once again. But the meteor is nothing compared to Mohan Woods, a revolutionary sworn to destroy neocolonialism and corruption by any means necessary.


"Sandale-man is a beautiful representation of African producers coming together to both support one another and expand the Senegalese film and entertainment industry without waiting for outside assistance"

Bahati, Linnete. “'Sandale-Man', Senegal's Superhero [Culture].” Africanews, Africanews, 19 Mar. 2018, 10:21,

"The Sandale-man is proving to be a force to be reckoned with as anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of the Dunlop slippers/sandal will instantly relate and fall in love with the character."

Nwakanma, Adaku. “Senegal's Superhero, Sandale-Man, Stuns with This Familiar Secret Weapon.” The Nerve Africa, 16 Mar. 2018,

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