Sex, Okra and Salted Butter (Sexe, Gombo et Beurre Sale) (Chad: 2008)


Mahamat Saleh Haroun

Cast list

Marius Yelolo

Mata Gabin

Aïssa Maïga

Diouc Koma

Lorella Cravotta

Manuel Blanc

Jean-Pierre Bouchard

Mouffok Boumaza

Philippe-Hervé Gomez

Andrew Isar

Omar Kébé

Patrick Lataillade

Christian Loustau


Charles-Etienne N’Diay

Vincent N’Diaye

Marie-Philomène Nga

Sophie Robin

Claudia Tagbo

Boudary Traoré


Writing Credits

Isabelle Boni-Claverie

Mahamat-Saleh Haroun



Nicolas Blanc

Philippe Hagège


Music by

Emmanuel Ferrier


Cinematography by

François Kuhnel


Film Editing by

Marie-Hélène Dozo


Production Design

Boubacar Seck


Sex, Okra and salted Butter is a comedy of manners set in France. With an ensemble cast, Haroun tells the story of a recently emigrated African family. A series of shifts shake the family, including the mother’s departure with her white lover. Malik, her husband, a macho and a very traditional man, sees his whole world turn upside down. He suddenly has to take care of two small children alone and, on top of that, discovers that his third son, a handsome young man, is homosexual. The arrival of beautiful Amina, the lonely neighbor, and of Malik’s sister in law from Abidjan, provokes quite a few surprising twists. The film explores many of Haroun’s signature topics such as absent parents and revenge versus reconciliation.


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Sex, Okra and Salted Butter (Sexe, Gombo et Beurre Sale)