Always Brando (Tunisia: 2011)


Ridha Behi

Cast list

Lofti Abdelli as Lamine
Souhir Ben Amara as Zena
Ridha Behi as Himself
Christian Erickson as James
Ziad Hamzeh as Narrator
Anis Raach as Anis


Written by Ridha Behi
Produced by Ziad H. Hamzeh
Edited by Kahena Attia
Cinematography by Martial Barrault


An American filmmaker arrives in an Arab town and becomes obsessed with a young Tunisian look alike to Marlon Brando named Anis. As the international film crew takes over his village, Anis begins risking it all to go abroad and follow his dreams of making it big in Hollywood. The film also shows an autobiographical insight into Ridha Behi's collaboration with Marlon Brando, which ended along with Brando’s death before the two could begin shooting the movie.


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