Le Challat de Tunis (Tunisia: 2014)


Kaouther Ben Hania

Cast list

Mohamed Slim Bouchiha as Marwan CLash

Jallel Dridi as Jallel

Moufida Dridi as Jallel's mother

Narimène Saidane


Producers: Habib Attia, Julie Paratian, Paul Scherzer

Music: Si Lemhaf and Benjamin Violet

Cinematography: Sofian El Fani

Film Editing: Nadia Ben Rachid

Sound Department: Moez Cheikh, Mélissa Petitjean, Margot Testemale

Camera: Sofian El Fani

Editorial Department: Rémy De Vliger and Axelle Gonay

Music: Jeff Genie

Special thanks to Masoud Amralla Al Ali and Abdulhamid Juma


A mystery shrouded by humor: in Tunisia before the revolution, a man on a motorcycle would ride around the streets of Tunis, slashing women as he rode by. He was known as Le Challat (the blade), and all who lived in Tunisia were afraid of him, but none knew his identity. Did he exist, and if so, was he a criminal or a religious extremest? Ten years after the Arab Spring, one woman director is determined to find the truth about Le Challat de Tunis, but even she is unsure what she will eventually find.


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