Nadia et Sarra (Tunisia: 2004)


Moufida Tlatli

Cast list

Hiam Abbass...Nadia

Dorra Zarrouk...Sarra

Hichem Rostom...Hedi

Nejia Ouerghi...Om El Khir

Nadia Saiji...Leila

Mohamed Ali Ben Jemaa...Majid

Nidhal Guigua...Dalila

Serge Meddeb...Tarak

Samia Ayari...Gynécologue

Martine Gafsi...Soraya

M’Hamed Ali Grandi...Directeur

Haifa Bouzouita...Danseuse

Elyes M’Ssaad...Professeur

Leila Ben Hamida...Jeune fille 1

Ahlem Cheffi...Jeune fille 2


Moufida Taltli...Writer

Hélène Couturier...Writer

Nicolas Jorelle...Music

Chedli Chaouachi...Cinematographer

Alaim Levent...Cinematographer

Isabelle Devinck...Editor

Ariane Boeglin...Editor

Nadia Anane...Costume Designer

Essia Baaziz...Makeup Artist

Jean-Marc Lentretien...Sound Editor

Jean-Christophe Julé...Sound Mixer


47-year-old professor Nadia appears fulfilled, but as she enters menopause she struggles with tension in her marriage, the physical and psychological symptoms of aging, and her fraught relationship with her eighteen year old daughter, Sarra. With the men in the film largely taking a background position, Nadia et Sarra focuses on the relationships between women: those of friends, housekeeper/servant, student/teacher, and particularly the relationship of mother and daughter as they experience the oppositionally difficult stages of menopause and adolescence.


Alessio Loreti, Nadia et Sarra, une histoire de femmes. Africultures.

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