Bongoland II: There Is No Place Like Home (Tanzania: 2008)


Josiah Kibira

Cast list

Peter Omari                       Juma
Thecla Mjatta                    Asia
Ahmed Olotu                    Uncle
Shafii Abdul                       Hamisi
Chemi Che-Mponda     Zaina
Sabrina Rupia                   Naomi
Hamisi Abdallah              Kamanda
Hashim Kambi                  Sepi


Producer                     Josiah Kibira
Cinematography     Samuel Fischer
Film Editing               Lucas Langworthy
Casting                         Gervas Kasiga


After returning to his native home of Bongoland, Juma attempts to adjust to life back where he started after unsuccessfully living in America for a period of time. However, he finds this increasingly difficult as he becomes more and more aware of the “poor” nature of his people and they way that they act. Juma constantly struggles with the question of whether or not his people are literally poor—short of cash--, or if they just accept the lifestyle of “poor” and are complacent with their “settle for less” lives. Throughout this, Juma comes to learn of several family secrets that change his perception of Bongoland forever.



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