Chumo (Tanzania: 2011)


Jordan Riber

Cast list

Hussein Mkiety

Jokate Mwegelo

Yusuph Milela

Juffari Makatu

Ally Mohammed

Susan Lewis

Bahati Hamisi

Amina Suleiman Hamisi

Queen Betta Domician

Patrick Masele


Assistant Director: Ezekiel Onyango

Producer: John Riber, Louise Riber


Juma is a poor fisherman who loves telling tales. Amina is the girl who loves to hear his stories. They long to be together, however Amina’s father, Ali, wants a better life for her. Ali finds this in Yustus, a rich but self-serving young suitor. Juma must put everything on the line to save their love, but he must sacrifice more than he bargained for in order to succeed.