Maangamizi: The Ancient One (Tanzania: 2001)


Martin Mhando, Ron Mulvihill

Cast list

Barbarao                                                     Evodia Ndonde

Amandina Lihamba                                 Ummie Mahfouda Alley

Samahani Kejeri                                       Zainabu Bafadhili

Waigwa Wachira                                      Janet Fabian

Chemi Che-Mponda                                Stumai Halili

Mwanayuma Ali Hassan                         Mgeni

Kisaka A. Kisaka                                       Thecla Mjatta

Adam Mwamble                                        Mona Mwakalinga

Mary Chibwana



Mary Joan Cunning                 Steve Shareshian

Leonard Merrill Kurz             Dave Rosshirt

Fatma Alloo                              Kelly Askew

Marc Leveri                              Queenae Taylor Mulvihill

John Roper                               Casta Tungaraza


An American woman doctor comes to Tanzania to work at a hospital for the mentally disturbed, with her Tanzanian lover. There, she meets a sometimes catatonic patient, Samahe, who seems to be in communication with another reality. In their confrontation with their individual and collective pasts, Dr. Asira and Samehe are connected by fears and half remembered images of unbearable pain. Only through the spirit of Maangamizi, can the women resume their lives with an understanding of the ancestors and their eternal presence in a world of cruelty, hatred and death. It is a story that seeks to reclaim the connection between Africa and her Diaspora, and one that dares to represent the histories of two continents as it peels away layers upon layers of pain to bring healing of the soul.