Mdundiko (Tanzania: 2013)


Jackson Kabirigi

Cast list

Lumole Matovolwa
Richard Masinde
Julieth Samson
Veronica Shayo
Salmin Omary
Adam Melele
Hissani Muya
Simon Mwapagata
Ummy Wenceslaus
Denis Sweya



Timoth Conrad, Jackson Kabirigi


Mzee Njimba and Mzee Kondo, friends since childhood are also related through the marriage of their children. Unfortunately their children passed away leaving Kondo to look after their shared grandson Chumi. Njimba is an arrogant, belligerent man known for his abilities as a drummer and arranger of dances (Ngoma), including the notorious Hondomola, where multiple dance partners are encouraged. When Kondo object to the increasing popularity and frenzy of the alcohol fueled Hondomola, Njimba and his thugs have Kondo and family chased out of the village. Over time Njimba’s drumming takes its’ toll on the villagers, who are weakened and ailing after participating in Hondomola. Njimba’s attempts to treat them with traditional cures (being the village witch doctor as well) is ineffective. It will take Chumi and a new generation of traditional drummers, to appreciate how corrupting the cultural values of Ngoma has threatened the survival of their community.

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