Abaabi Ba Boda Boda (Uganda: 2015)


Donald Mugisha, James Taylor

Cast list

Abel - Hassan Insingoma

Lex - Saul Mwesigma

Rosa - Prossy Rukundo

Goodman - Michael Wawuyo


Writers - Donald Mugisha and Wanjiku S. Muhoho

Cinematography - Carol Burandt von Kameke

Producers - Donald Mugisha, James Taylor and Sarah Muhoho

Co-Producers - Maximilian Leo, Nathan Collett, and Jonas Katzenstein


Abel is a fifteen-year-old boy living in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. His father works for a motorcycle taxi business, known as a “boda boda.” After Abel’s father is injured and cannot continue working, Abel becomes the primary source of income for his family. Abel is friends with a group of hustlers and petty thieves, and he finds work by driving his friends to and from their crime scenes. When Abel’s motorcycle is stolen, he must find a new way to continue his job and provide for his family.


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