Down This Road I Walk (Uganda: 2007)


Mariam Ndagire

Cast list

Cathy Nakimbugwe                          Prossie Sheila Ategyeka

Fred Twase                                         Jonan Kisibo

Suzan Twase                                       Mauryn Jolly Nankya

Mr. Kateregga                                    Wawuyo Micheal

Mrs. Kateregga                                  Busuulwa Jennifer

Mrs. Twase                                         Irene Kiiza

Begumisa Charles                             Wycliff Luyombya

Gilda                                                    Ndagire Mariam

Charlie Junior (baby)                      Mohsen Mutabingwa

Senga                                                  Nakamatte Flavia

Paul Kateregga                                 Mubiru Faisal

Elizabeth Roberts                            Esther Jacum

Chloe (TV host)                                Nakalembe Catherine

Sarah (Receptionist)                       Nanfuka Rehma


The main character Catherine (played by Sheila Ategyeka) is being pressured into marriage by her parents. Although she is in love with and wants to marry her high school sweet heart, her parents insist on her marrying a man named Charles, he is wealthy and famous and will be able to take the family out of poverty. Charles is also in trouble with his crazy ex girlfriend who continues to stalk him, while his Mother is pushing him to marry Catherine so that she will be able to have grandkids in the near future. Although Catherine's Mother explains to her it is not of their culture to marry for love, Catherine is determined to marry the love of her life.


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