Her Broken Shadow (Uganda: 2017)


Dilman Dila

Cast list

Cast: Dilman Dila, Esteri Tebandeke, Sanyu Kiyimba, Elizabeth Kirabo, Lucy Clements, Ali Musoke Goodman, Jonathan Ojok, Charity Atukunda, Bryan Kisembo Mugabi, Cristóbal MarYan


Written by: Dilman Dila

Cinematography by: Ali Musoke Goodman

Edited by: Jonathan Ojok


"Two anthropophobic women are struggling to write novels...Adongo lives in East Africa in the near future while Apio lives in a space city in the distant future...Both are hermits, estranged from their respective families, and are suffering from loneliness...When the boundary between their worlds collapses, they discover that each is the protagonist in the novel the other is writing..."


Dila, Dilman. "Her Broken Shadow: How I Made a Sci-Fi Feature Film in East Africa."

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