Bush Mama (Zambia: 1979)


Haile Gerima

Cast list

Barbarao (as Barbara O. Jones)

Dorothy, Johnny Weathers - T.C.

Susan Williams - Luann

Cora Lee Day - Molly

Simmi Ella Nelson - Simmi

Bettie J. Wilson - Social Worker

Bob Ogburn Jr. - Dahomey man

Ben Collins - Ben

Renna Kraft - Angi

Darian Gibbs - Young Street Boy

Minnie Stewart - 1st Welfare Recipient

Malbertha Pickett - 2nd Welfare Recipient

Bertha Yates - Secretary

Chris Clay - Policeman

Charles David Brooks III - Preacher


Bush Mama is about the love of Dorothy and her husband T.C. T.C. is a veteran from Vietnam who anticipated a large "hero's welcome" when he returned back to his home town, however he is arrested upon arrival for a crime he did not commit.  Dorothy is trapped in a community with extremely high rates of poverty, welfare, and unemployment. Both Dorothy and T.C. become radicalized and resort to violence as an outlet for their circumstances.


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