Le Cri du Coeur (Burkina Faso: 1994)


Idrissa Ouedraogo

Cast list

Richard Bohringer : Paulo

Saïd Diarra : Moktar

Alex Descas: Ibrahim Sow

Félicité Wouassi : Saffi

Clémentine Célarié : Déborah

Jean-Yves Gautier : Paul Guérin

Cheik Doukouré : Mamadou

Ginette Fabet : Fatou


Director : Idrissa Ouédraogo

Writing credits : Idrissa Ouédraogo, Robert Gardner, Jacques Akchoti

Sound : Dominique Hennequin

Montage : Luc Barnier

Music : Henri Textier

Production : Les Films de l’Avenir (Burkina Faso), Les Films de la Plaine (France), European Cinematographic Centre Rhône-Alpes (France), with support from Fonds Francophone de Production Audiovisuelle du Sud (OIF, CIRETF)


Little Moctar has never left his village. One day, a letter throws his life into confusion: he has to leave his life and his dearest people to join his father, who has emigrated to France five years earlier. Moctar cannot adjust to this new life; he feels ou of place far away from his village. He becomes anxious, and a hyena haunts him wherever he goes. His parents grow worried about his sanity; only Paulo, an eccentric sixty-year-old, understands little Moctar and helps him to win over his fears and face the hyena.


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