Abuse (L’Abus) (Burundi: 2007)


Armand Didier Ruyuku

Cast list

Aline- Lydia Rusake

Pascal- Balthazard

Nelly- Nadia Harushimana

Mathilde- Heurudyce Gahimbare

Sentinelle- Desire

Journalist- Willy Sirabahenda


Director/Producer/Editing: Armand Didier Ruyuku

Director of Photography: Pierrot Bukuru

Stagehand: Patrick Patcho Bizimana

Sound: Evode Kwizera

Script: Dieudonne Ncamihigo

Associate Producers: Donatienne Bukuru & Consolate Nzeyimana


“Gabe” by Pacifique Nzitonda


Aline, a country girl, moves to the city of Bujumbura to live with her friend’s family. Things become complicated when the friend's father, a known playboy, begins making advances towards the student that become increasingly violent. This film explores sexual abuse, trust, and friendship.