Bigger Plans (L’Impervu de la Vie) (Burundi: 2007)


Cynthia Nyionsaba

Cast list

Moma- Landry Nshimye

Zozo- Karim Bakundukize

Mother- Nadia Harushimana

Sister #1- Béchou

Sister #2- Aminata

Patron- Raymond Kalisa

Lisa- Lydia Rusake

Yves- Albert Masangwa


Director : Cynthia Nyionsaba

Writer : Rudy Kimvuidi Nkombo

Executive producer : Christopher Redmond

Associative Producer : Rudy Kimvuidi Nkombo

Director of photography- Blaise Cimpaye

Photography : Bridget Farr

Sound : Albert Masangwa

Stagehand : Christian Gatiro

HMC- Lydia Rusake


Moma has been holding a job as a waiter, saving all of his money in order to enroll in university to pursue his long held dream of becoming an architect. He is the oldest male of his family, and since his father left, his mother reveals to him that she has been struggling financially and asks for his aid to support his younger siblings. Will Moma put off his dream for his family’s well being?