Les Saignantes (2005) (Cameroon: 2005)

Les Saignantes (2005)
director: Jean-Pierre Bekolo
writing credits: Jean-Pierre Bekolo
Adèle Ado as Majolie.
Dorylia Calmel as Pet
Emile Abossolo M’Bo as Minister of State
Josephine Ndagnou as Natou
Essindi Mindja as Essomba
Alain Dzukam as Rokko
Veronique Mendouga as Dr. Amanga
Bekate Meyong as Mamba
Thierry Mintamack as Tony
synopsis: In an erotic sci-fi thriller, two young women are forced to dispose of the body of the member of the corrupt ruling elite that they slept with (and killed in the act).
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