Behind the Rainbow (Egypt: 2008)


Jihan El-Tahri

Cast list

Kader Asmal    as himself

Pallo Jordan    as himself

Ronnie Kasrils    as himself

Mac Maharaj    as himself

Thabo Mbeki    as himself

Kgalema Motlanthe    as himself

Siphiwe Nyanda    as himself

Blade Nzimande    as himself

Sue Rabkin    as herself

Jacob Zuma    as himself


Big Sister (co-production)

Big World Cinema


Behind the Rainbow explores the transition of the ANC from a liberation organization into South Africa's ruling party, through the evolution of of the relationship between two of its most prominent cadres, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma. Exiled under Apartheid they were brothers in arms, under Mandela they loyally labored to build a non-racial state, now they are bitter rivals. Their duel threatens to tear apart the ANC and the country, as the poor desperately seek hope in change and the elite fight for the spoils of victory.

Written by Anonymous


While this is the sort of documentary I normally don't watch, since I am traveling to South Africa for the first time, I have tried to watch as many things as I can about the nation. This particular film interested me because it had to do with post-Apartheid era South Africa. In particular, it's a critique of the leadership of the nation by the ANC. While the films said practically nothing about the Nelson Mandela years (the first post-Apartheid leader), it focused on how under President Mbeki there were many cries of corruption. In addition, criticism of how the poor are still dirt poor after all these years and how the government has deliberately stood in the way of treatment for HIV (the nation has the highest infection rate in the world) are discussed. Overall, while it's all very interesting, it's also quite depressing and makes you wonder about the future of this great nation. Sobering.

By the way, the film talks about the possible corruption by Zuma but doesn't say what occurred with these charges. Since this film was created, Zuma was essentially exonerated and elected president following an interim rule by Molanthe after Mbeki was removed from office. It's all VERY confusing and Zuma's reputation is quite checkered. Only time will only tell if the nation is on the right track.

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