We Are the Bus People (Egypt: 1979)


Hussein Kamal

Cast list

Adel Imam

Abdel Moneim Madbouly

Said Abdel Ghani

Essad Youniss

Younes Shalaby

Moshera Ismail

Gamal Ismail

Madhar Abol Naga

Ibahim Saafan

Abdalah Mishrif

Ahmed Salama


Farouk Sabry


Two men who are also neighbors, have an altercation with a bus conductor and are taken to the Police station for it. However, they are mistakenly arrested with a group of suspected terrorists and are then taken to a maximum security jail. Then men are both tortured until they confess their plan to overthrow the regime. 

Academic Articles:

El-Ghobashy, Tamer., Harrup, Anthony. “World News: Egypt Said to Bomb Tourist Bus.” Wall Street Journal. (2015); A.12 Print.

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