Soul Boy (Kenya: 2010)


Haha Essuman and Tom Tykwer

Cast list

Samson Odhiambo as Abila
Leila Dayan Opou as Shiku
Krysteen Savane as Nyawawa
Frank Kimani as Macharia
Joab Ogolla as Abi's Father
Lucy Gachanja as Abi's Mother
Katherine Damaris as Aunt Susan
Kevin Onyango Omondi as Bojo
Calvin Shikuku Odhiambo as Kaka
Nordeen Abdulghani as Willie


Writer: Billy Kahora


The film Soul Boy takes place in Kibera, one of the largest slums in East Africa. 14-year-old Abila discovers that his father's soul has been stolen, and goes in search of the correct remedy to help his father. His search leads him to an adventurous journey that gives him all the truth he needs of his hometown.


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