Ali Zaoua, Prince de la Rue (Morocco: 2000)


Nabil Ayouch

Cast list

Mounïm Kbab                                   Kwita

Mustapha Hansali                           Omar

Hicham Moussoune                         Boubker

Abdelhak Zhayra                             Ali Zaoua

Saïd Taghmaoui                               Dib

Amal Ayouch                                     Ali Zaoua’s mother

Mohamed Majd                                 The fisherman

Hicham Ibrahimi                            The sailor

Nadia Ould Hajjaj                             Schoolgirl

Abdelkader Lofti                             Hardware store owner

Khalil Essaadi                                   Khalid

Abdessamad Tourab Seddam     Noureddine

Ahmed Lahlil                                   Man in bar

Karim Merzak                                 The marabout’s son

Halima Frizi                                     Old woman

Khalid Ghanimi                               Shita

Mohamed Ajmil                              Barrito

Mohamed Ezzanati                         Nemss

Tarik El Hichou                               Chino

Jalila Boulhimez                               Journalist

Youssef Semane                               Martyr child

Mohamed Gourari                           Kitchen child

Noureddine Jori                               Lookout child

Abdel Ali Abrouk                             Wounded child

Bouchaïb Anouar                             Beggar child

Mustapha Samit                              Taxi driver

Saïd El Haymer                                 Bouncer

Chouaïb El Haymer                         Bouncer

Ahmed Naim                                     High school girl’s father

Meriame Raiss                                 High school girl’s friend

Ftah Bouchaib                                   Adolescent

Mohamed Ammor                           Policeman

Hakim Behlalia                                 Policeman

Najat M’Jid                                         Driver at lights

Mourad Kamil                                   Driver at lights

Brahim Boukhabrine                       Hardware store customer

Abdelilah Ammor                             Watchman

Mustapha Nassbi                             Watchman

Mustapha Walahyane                     Watchman



Nabil Ayouch

Nathalie Saugeon



Nabil Ayouch (associate producer)

Etienne Comar

Jean Cottin

Martine Lambrechts (associate producer)

Antoine Voituriez



Renaat Lambeets

Vincent Mathias


Film Editing: Jean-Robert Thomann


Casting: Fayçal Boughrine


Art Direction: Saïd Raïs


Set Decoration:

Abdelhadi Chay

Rachid Rais


Camera and Electrical Department:

Renaat Lambeets (steadicam operator/camera operator)

Ludovic Simeon (second assistant camera)


Music Department:

Edouard Dubois (music consultant)

Stéphane Reichart (music scoring mixer)


Other Crew:

Céline Breuil-Japy (script supervisor)

Charlotte Corrigan (production assistant)



Ali Zaoua, Omar, Boubker, and Kouka, four homeless boys living in Casablanca, break away from their gang of young criminals lead by a man named Dib. Led by Ali Zaoua, the four boys commit small crimes in order to survive on the streets. Ali decides that he is going to become a cabin boy on a ship in order to begin a better life. However, Ali is killed by Dib’s gang before he is able to leave. Omar, Boubker, and Kouka pledge to give their friend a burial fit for royalty and hide Ali’s body from Dib and his young criminals. The three boys find meaning and peace as they jointly search for a means to give their good friend a proper burial.


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