Marock (Morocco: 2005)


Laila Marrakchi

Cast list

Morjana Alaoui: Rita
Mattheiu Boujenah: Youri
Razika Simozrag: Asmaa
Fatym Layachi: Sofia
Assaad Bouab: Mao
Rachid Benhaissan: Driss
Khalid Maadour: Omar
Michael Souda: Mehdi
Jerome Azogui: Mike
Jordan Bendavid: David
Omar Benjelloun: Jallil
Abdeljalil Zian: Amine


Stephanie Carreras
Adeline Lecallier
Alain Rocca


This film depicts the social problems and the constraints presented to a society in transition. The story is of a young Muslim girl falling in love with a young Jewish boy. Being that their romance is deemed unacceptable by societal standards, they face trouble. The film is highly controversial due to the religious differences and causes many political and ethical discussions worldwide.


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