Beasts of No Nation (Miscellaneous: 2015)


Cary Fukunaga

Cast list

Abraham Attah

Emmanuel Affadzi

Ricky Adelayitor

Andrew Adote

Vera Nyarkoah Antui

Ama K. Abebrese

Kobina Amissah-Sam

Francis Weddey

Fred Nii Amugi

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Based off the novel by: Uzodinma Iweala

Producers: Amy Kaufman, Riva Marker, Jeffrey Skoll

Editors: Pete Beaudreau, Mikkel E.G. Nielsen



A young Agu and his family live in a small African village with civil war breaking out all around them. The village is informed that the government has fallen, with military rebels seizing hold of their country. Agu and many other children in the village are involuntarily enlisted into a battalion of child soldiers in this heart wrenching film that exposes the harsh realities of the lives of child soldiers forced into combat.


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Academic Articles

Troubling Humanitarian Consumption: Reframing Relationality in African Child Soldier Narratives by Allison Mackey. Research in African Literatures, Vol. 44, No.4, Winter 2013. pp.99-122.

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