The Schoolmaster (Miscellaneous: 1989)


Jean Delbeke

Cast list

Jurgen Prochnow - Rozinsky
Elsa Fourie - Engela
Lida Botha - Miems
Danny Keogh - Boetman
Andrew Buckland - Arthur
Arthur Mbambo - Zwai
Ron France - Stratford
Michelle Burgers - Suzanne
Wilson Dunster - Jules
Lynda Stewart - Mrs Stratford
Robin Smith - Van Wyk
Phillip Mosoeu - Sipho
Andrew Wilson - Louis
Gavin Goldwyer - Robert
Kwesi Kobus - Amos


Writing Credits: Danny Keogh & Wendy Morris (screenplay)


Rozinsky, a Polish expatriate, is a schoolmaster who challenges racist apartheid-era views in the South African countryside. He is opposed by the English landowner Stratford, who holds his tenants, the African "bywoners", at his mercy. Engela, the protagonist, is one of these bywoners, and she becomes involved with Stratford's son, leading to a life-changing moment.