Sabriya (Mali, Tunisia: 1997)


Abderrahmane Sissako

Cast list

Abdellfattah Abdellatif
Fethi Akkari
Chawki Bouglia
Nabil Chahed
Rim Turkhi


Produced by: Dora Bouchoucha Fourati

Cinematography: Youssef Ben Youssef

Art Direction: Slim Ennaceur

Assistant Art Director: Naceur Kaabi

Sound: Faouzi Thabet

Continuity: Saïda Ben Mahmoud


This film is a part of Africa Dreaming, a television project that united a variety of African filmmakers to produce six short films. Sabriya features two brothers, Said and Youssef, living in southern Tunisia. Their society is a very traditionally male one, and the two have formed their own isolated, masculine world by opening a chess bar in the desert. However, this lifestyle is interrupted by the arrival of a beautiful, free-spirited woman named Sarah. It doesn't take long for Sarah to begin an affair with Youssef, who is quick to abandon his passion for chess in exchange for a dream of opening a coffee bar in Genoa. Youssef is so dedicated to Sarah that he is determined to execute this plan. He decides to leave with her, but it remains uncertain whether she is as dedicated to the vision as he is. In the process, his relationship with Said is threatened.


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