Borders of Blood (Frontières Sanglantes) (Mozambique: 1985)


Mario Borgneth

Cast list

Joaquim Chissano…President of the People’s Republic of Mozambique

Jose Dos Santos… President of the People’s Republic of Angola

Julius Nyerere…President of Chama Cha Mapinduzi

Robert Mugabe…Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe

Kenneth Kaunda…President of the Republic of Zambia

Quett Massire…President of the Republic of Botswana

Ali Hassan Mwinyi…President of the United Republic of Tanzania

Oliver Tambo…President of African National Congress

Sam Nujoma…President of Swapo

Mario Da Graca Machungo…Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Mozambique

Marcelino Dos Santos…President of the People’s Assembly of Mozambique

Ken Flower…General of Rodhesia’s Central Intelligence



This documentary portrays the effects of the destabilization of South African policy on the reconstruction of Mozambique. By tracing the history of the political forces of Mozambique, a history rooted in Portuguese colonialism, Borgneth reveals the underlying issues that plague the republic to explain what has transpired since. The film focuses also on the conflict between the apartheid system and political forces in the area. Interviewers urge international relief to resolve this conflict and abolish the apartheid aggression. In addition to the political destabilization, the film also provides coverage of the terrorist nature of South Africa’s military destabilization in Mozambique especially.


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