Title Country Year Director
The Train of Salt and Sugar Mozambique 2016 Licino Azevedo
A Costa dos Murmúrios (The Murmuring Coast) Mozambique 2004 Margarida Cardoso
Yvone Kane Mozambique 2014 Margarida Cardoso
Kuxa Kanema: The Birth of Cinema Mozambique 2003 Margarida Cardoso
Home Is Where You Find It Mozambique 2009 Alcides Soares
Sleepwalking Land Mozambique 2007 Teresa Prata
Another Man’s Garden Mozambique 2007 Joao Luis Sol de Carvalho
Limpopo Mozambique 1970 Jorge De Sousa
Marrabenta Stories Mozambique 2004 Karen Boswall
Le Grand Bazar (The Grand Bazaar) Mozambique 2006 Licinio Azevedo
Hóspedes da Noite (Night Lodgers) Mozambique 2007 Licinio Azevedo
O Vento Sopra do Norte (The Wind Blows from the North) Mozambique 1987 Jose Cardoso
Frontières Sanglantes (Borders of Blood) Mozambique 1985 Mario Borgneth
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