Le Grand Bazar (The Grand Bazaar) (Mozambique: 2006)


Licinio Azevedo

Cast list

Edmundo Mondlane
Chano Orlando
Chico Antonio
Paito Tcheco
Manuel Adamo
Manuel Mawelele
Bento Castigo
Orlando Mesquita
Karl De Sousa
Gabriel Mondlane


Production : Ebano Multimedia
Distributeur : Marfilmes


Two boys with from different walks of life in Mozambique meet in an African market. One is looking for a job in order to regain stolen money from his family and return home. The other boy is willing to go to extreme measure in order to avoid having to go back with his family. The two become friends and forge an unlikely relationship. Azevedo attempts to map out Mozambique and portray the social structure of this broken nation through these boys and their stories.


“The Great Bazaar”, Biffo


"Le Grand Bazar", Court Circuit


Academic Articles:

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