Yvone Kane (Mozambique: 2014)


Margarida Cardoso

Cast list

Beatriz Batarda
Irene Ravache
Samuel Malumbe
Goncalo Waddington
Mina Andala
Oscar de Brito
Maria Helena
Herman Jeusse
Fancilia Jonaze
Adriano Luz
Mario Mabjaia
Iva Mugalela


Produced by: Françiois D’Artmare, Luciana Boal-Marinho, Maria J. Mayer

Cinematography by: Joao Ribeiro

Film Editing by: Joao Braz

Art Direction by: Ana Vaz

Sound: Paulo Ricardo Nunes


This film is a drama about a woman returning to Mozambique after the death of her own daughter to investigate the mysterious death of Yvone Kane, a political activist and ex-guerilla fighter. The story addresses the struggles of a country in which the progress is built on the ruins of a violent past.


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