Kuxa Kanema: The Birth of Cinema (Mozambique: 2003)


Margarida Cardoso


Screenplay by: Margarida Cardoso

Cinematography by: Lisa Hagstrand

Edited by: Isabelle Rathery


This historical documentary traces the origins and downfall of Mozambique’s National Institute of Cinema (INC). The film recounts the first decade of Mozambique’s independence through piecing together INC footage shot in the 1970’s and 1980’s along with interviews with former INC employees exposing the governments’ old beliefs that socialist propaganda footage shown to rural communities could play a role in social change. This film raises important questions surrounding the nature of film, the effects of film, and the role of film in political and cultural conflicts.


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2004 African Literature Association Film Festival

2004 African Studies Association Film Festival

2005 New York Film Festival

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