Dijangala (Nigeria: 2008)


Ali Nuhu

Cast list

Maryam Booth... Dije
Bashir Nayaya... Halilu
Ummi Alamin... Ummi Al’amin
Adam A. Zang... Hafizu


Producer: Ahmad S. Nuhu
Executive Producer: Ali Nuhu


Upon the sojourn of Ali to the city in search of greener pastures, pretty Dije, fondly called Dijangala (The pride of a landlord; bride not for the poor) fell a victim of rape in the hands of Hafizu (Adam A. Zango), the son of a wealthy livestock farmer. Not comfortable with her uncle’s idea of an abortion of the ensuing pregnancy, Dije ran to the city, where in a helpless state, she met a good samaritan, Rabiu, who rushed her to the hospital where she miscarried, and then took her home. Events took a twist when Ali (Ali Nuhu) returned to the village and learnt of what happened to his sister. Armed with a mindset to search for his sister in the city, Ali ran into Sani (Lawan Ahmad), Dije’s erstwhile village lover, who assured him that Dije is fine. The film reached its climax when Hafizu met Dije (renamed Khadija by her new family) in the city and professes `love` to her without recognizing her as the girl he violated months back. With a mind to seek revenge, Dije (Khadija) lured Hafizu to the village to introduce him to her parents. The film ended with a denouement at Hafizu’s farm house where Ali and Sani, upon sighting Hafizu’s car, ran after him, dealt with him before Halilu (Ali’s uncle) came into the scene ordering the lads to stop beating him (Hafizu). Halilu proclaimed that fate had finally caught up with Hafizu, who shortly before the entrance of Ali and Sani, discovered the true identity of Khadija as the young and naïve girl (Dijangala) he had earlier defiled.

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