Nkwocha (Nigeria: 2011)


Stan Amadi

Cast list

Chiwetalu Agu
Queen Nwaokoye
Uche Elendu Walter
Chinwe Owoh
Cynthia Okereke
Pope Junior Odowodo
Steve Eboh


Producer: Damien Moses, Gabriel Moses


This movie explores different aspects of Igbo culture: the treatment of widows, the Osu caste system, traditional dance rites, ancestral worship and most importantly suicide and how it is viewed amongst the Igbos and its impact on those left behind.  This movie tells the story of Ginika, who is the daughter of a man who committed suicide. As a result of the suicide committed by her father, her family was ostracized and treated as an outcast or osu and were not able to participate fully in community life. The film goes on to show how her father’s behavior led her to being bullied and treated as a second class citizen.  Within her story, there is another controversial story of alleged rape and how sometimes women can be the victimizers.  Of course, despite all that Ginika goes through in the hands of  her age group and society as a whole, she still ends up participating in competition that ordinarily she should not participate in, finds love, and gets the respect of her community.


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