Le Prix du Pardon (Senegal: 2001)


Mansour Sora Wade

Cast list

Hubert Koundé
Rokhaya Niang
Gora Seck


Writer: Mbissane Ngom (novel)

Nar Sene (screenplay)

Mansour Sora Wade (screenplay)


In a fishing village in the south of Senegal, two childhood friends, Mbagnik et Yatma, love the same woman, Maxoye. The first, son of a Muslim religious leader, challenges the spirits, and manages to get rid of the fod that covers his small community. As the sun finally comes back into the sky, the villagers celebrate him. The fishermen of the village take back to the sea, and the market regains its color. Maxoye and Mbagnik can finally share their relationship in the open. But Yatma does not accept the newfound prestige of Mbagnik.


Bartlet, Olivier. "Analyse: Le Prix du Pardon." Africultures (e-zine)

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