Dublin (Somalia: 2012)


David Aronowitsch

Cast list

Ahmed Abdullahi
Mohammed Ahmed
Josefin Ankarberg
Zaki Bagheri
Per Burell
Mirja Burlin
Leila Haji
Marcus Häger
Reza Jafari
Eva Melander
Pierre Tafvelin
Mohamoud Saeed Timawayne



Written by

David Aronowitsch
Sharmarke Binyusuf


Produced by

Annika Rogell Producer

Music by

Michel Wenzer

Cinematography by

Göran Olsson

Film Editing by

David Aronowitsch
Dominika Daubenbüchel

Sound Department

Jan Alvermark Sound designer / sound
Dan Widegren Sound



Daoud lives in a limbo that he is trying to break free from. He cannot go back to Somalia while simultaneously, he is expelled from one European country to another (seeking asylum). He is a 'Dublin-case'. Daoud is accused of lying about his age and has almost given up. The film depicts his time in Sweden. Dublin is an attempt to give an insight into the protagonist's time in Sweden. He has lost control of his life.