Bab el Arch (The Throne Door) (Tunisia: 2006)


Mokhtar Ladjimi

Cast list

Lotfi Abdelli

Mustapha Adouani

Zahira Ben Ammar

Mohamed Ali Ben Jemaa

Anissa Daoud

Amel Djemel

Mohammed Driss

Fethi Haddaoui

Najia Ouerghi

Mohamed Grayaa

Jamel Madani

Sanaa Alaoui


Screenplay...Mokhtar Ladjimi, Saida Ben Mahmoud

Assistant Director...Mounir Baaziz

Producer...Thierry Lenouvel

Music...Khaled Namlaghi

Cinematography...Jacques Besse

Production Design...Mohsen Rais

Film Editing...Michel Klochendler

Sound...Samy Gharbi, Jean-Guy Veran, Faouzi Thabet


AKA Noce d'été

A Tunisian journalist agrees to an arranged marriage but on his wedding night he flees to a friend’s place and sleeps with his editor.


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