Hedi (Tunisia: 2016)


Mohamed Ben Attia

Cast list

Cast: Mohamed Ben Attia, Frederic Noirhomme, Azza Chaabouni, Ghalya Lacroix, Hafedh Laaridhi, Omar Aloulou, Mohamed Denguezli, Nedra Gribaa, Faouzi Thabet, Jean-Sebastien Garbe, Imed Marzouk, Philippe Logie, Caroline Tambour, Nasreddine Ben Maati


Written by: Mohamed Ben Attia

Cinematography by: Frédéric Noirhomme

Edited by: Azza Chaabouni, Ghalya Lacroix, Hafedh Laaridhi


"On one level “Hedi” is a universal story, about a young man needing to choose between duty and passion...Tunisian young man Hedi lives an ordered life at home with his mother and at work with his boss...One day, Hedi meets a young woman named Rim and falls in love with her...His life is a rote cycle of uninspired work and obedience to his overbearing mother (who can be seen as a stand-in for the state)."


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