Zizou (Tunisia: 2016)


Férid Boughedir

Cast list

Fatima Ben Saïdane
Zied Ayadi
Sarra Hannachi
Zied Touati
Aïcha Ben Ahmed
Wajiha Jendoubi
Jamel Sassi
Taoufik El Bahri
Aissa Harrath
Ikram Azouz
Abdelmonem Chouaiet
Max Journo


Screenplay: Férid Boughedir, Taoufik Jebali, Claude d'Anna
Produced by: Férid Boughedir, Farès Ladjimi
Music composed by: Cyril Morin, Kais Sellami
Editing by: Pascale Chevance, Stéphanie Pedelacq, Maguelone Pouget


The story of a recent college graduate Aziz, nicknamed “Zizou,” who leaves his village which is on the border of the Sahara for the capital in search of a job. After he becomes a satellite-dish installer in the capital, interacting with all different kinds of people, he falls deeply in love with a woman who has ties to a mafia group working closely with the governmental regime. His journey to rid her from the mafia group becomes his reason for living, an obsession, and he proceeds without knowing into the growing revolution about to wash over Tunisia.

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