Nsyuka (Tanzania: 2003)


Meneno A. Tamba

Cast list

Rehema Msangule
Mwajuma Kassim
Emmanuel Kasoga
Hija Amidu
Habiba Kongomela
Khalid Futo


Writing Credits: Meneno A. Tamba, Mohammed Likulo, Mussa Banzi, Rehema Msangule, Mwajuma Kassim

Producers: Tamba Arts Group, Wananchi Video Production, U & I Entertainment Home Video

Photography: Mussa Banzi

Film Editor: Moses Tibenda


A dangerous spirit within Doris' clan called Nsyuka isn't allowing her to become pregnant. After Doris finds out about this spirit she catches herself in a dilemma when the priest of her clan claims she will be free of her problems if she sleeps with him.


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