Difficult Love (South Africa: 2010)


Zanele Muholi

Cast list

Zanele Muholi - Zanele Muholi


Zanele Muholi
Peter Goldsmid


Difficult Love gives a deep look into the head of internationally celebrated South African lesbian photographer, Zanele Muholi, and her thoughts on the challenges that black lesbians face in South Africa. Interviews with Muholi, her friends and her colleagues provide an overview of the artist’s life and work. What struggles she and her fellow black lesbians have to suffer through and what led her to create art that speaks of their ordeals.


Danii Difficult Love: Watch Zanele Muholi’s Powerful Documentary on the South African LGBTQ Experience Autostraddle (online magazine)

Okeowo, Alexis. Photographing a ‘Difficult Love’ in South Africa NY times (blog)

Academic articles

Baderoon, Gabeba. “Gender within Gender”: Zanele Muholi’s Images of Trans Being and BecomingFeminist Studies, Vol. 37, No. 2, RACE AND TRANSGENDER STUDIES (Summer 2011)

Gaola, Pumla Dineo. Editorial: Yindaba kaban’ u’ba ndilahl’ umlenze? Sexuality and Body Image. Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity, No. 63, African Feminisms Volume 2,2: Sexuality and Body Image (2005)

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