Kill and Kill Again (South Africa: 1981)


Ivan Hall

Cast list

James Ryan...Steve Chase
Anneline Kriel...Kandy Kane
Michael Mayer...Marduk
Marloe Scott Wilson...Minerva
Bill Flynn...Hotdog


Edward L. Montor...Executive Producer
Igo Kantor...Producer
Tai Krige...Cinematography


A sequel to Kill or Be Killed (1980), this is the first live-action film to use the bullet-time visual effect. The protagonist Steve Chase, a martial artist who travels by back-flip, is trying to stop his evil nemesis Marduk from creating an army of brainwashed karate slaves to take over the world. His is recruited by Kandy Kane, the daughter of a kidnapped scientist forced to create the karate army, to rescue her father. Steve Chase forms a team of the best martial artist on the planet to face Marduk and his karate experts in a Martial arts tournament.

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