Pavement (South Africa: 2002)


Darrell Roodt

Cast list

Robert Patrick ...
Lauren Holly ...
Buckley Clarke
Barry Shabaka Henley ...
Lieutenant Marks (as Barry Henley)
Chris Hoffman ...
Detective Kecker
Danny Keogh ...
Detective Moore
Alex Duncan ...
George Johnson
Terry Norton ...
Anne Hughes
Adam Pike ...
Lynita Crofford ...
Jenny Brown
Eddie Driscoll ...
Dan Robbertse ...
Frank Pierce (as Dan Robertse)
Iain Bruce ...
Bill (as Ian Bruce)
Peter Krummeck ...
Police Clerk
Sylvaine Strike ...
Victoria Bartlett ...
Mary Wilson


Reinhild Gräber, Nina Heyns,
Frank Hübner, Brad Krevoy,
David Lancaster, Reuben Liber,
Adam Richman, Julia Verdin,
Jörg Westerkamp, David Wicht


A nurse is found brutally tortured and murdered and Buckley Clarke, a tough homicide cop, is assigned the case. The victim's brother, Sam Brown is a reclusive wilderness tracker living in Alaska. He gets word of the crime and decides to undertake his own investigation. At first, Clarke is dismissive of Brown, but she's soon forced to acknowledge his skill at finding clues and tracking his prey. She allows him to participate in the investigation, and soon more victims turn up. The FBI becomes involved, convinced that there's a serial killer on the loose, and Clarke eventually realizes that the victims are not being chosen at random. Clarke and Brown grow increasingly attracted to one another as they hunt for the killer, but the killer soon learns that the intrepid pair is closing in, and the hunters become the prey.

Academic Writing:

Redeeming Features: From “Tsotsi” (1980) to “Tsotsi” (2006), by Lindiwe Dovey. Journal of African Cultural Studies, Vol. 19, No. 2, (December 2007), pp. 143-164

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