The Fifth Season (South Africa: 2013)


Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth

Cast list

Aurelia Poirier
Django Schrevens
Sam Louwyck
Gill Vancomprenolle
Robert Collinet
Bruno Georis
Nathalie Laroche
Damien Marchal
Veronique Tappert
Peter Van den Begin


Producers: Pillippe Avril, Peter Brosens, Sebastian Delloye, Diana Elbaum, J.B. Macrander, Joop Van Wijk, Jessica Woodworth

Film Crew: Michel Schooping, Hans bruch Jr., Jessica Woodworth, Michael Bier, Doriane Flamand, Igor Gabriel, Claudine Tychon, Maud Liegos, Nadine Borreman, Nicolas Jacob, Matthias Morard, Pepijn Aben, Paul Gies, Marc Lizier, Vladimir Rakic, Vincint Sinceretti


In a scenic Belgian village, nature is turning its back on man. How will the locals cope with this new reality?


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