Africa is a Woman’s Name (Zimbabwe: 2009)

Directed by:  Wanjiru Kinyanjui, Bridget Pickering, Ingrid Sinclair

Writing Credits: Wanjiru Kinyanjui, Christina Lopez- Palao, Bridget Pickering

Cast List: 

Amai Rosie… Herself

Produced by:

Christina Lopez-Palao… executive producer

Cinematography by:

James Kamutu

Esko Metsola

Film Editing by:

Wilfried Prager

Andres Prieto

Sounds Department:

Pep Augilo… sound editor

Synopsis: The film follows the lives of three extraordinary African women from different social levels and origins. Each is determined to bring about radical transformations in their day to day realities: Kenyan attorney and reputed lawyer Njoki Ndung’u, Puthi Ragophala the committed school principal of a remote South African village and Zimbabwean housewife-entrepreneur, Amai Rosie. Africa is changing and the three must individually assert power to project a voice in society and stand up for their beliefs. Initiatives and projects are emerging throughout Africa that show to what degree this clamour for change is embodied by female voices. Women’s voices are chanting group messages of hope, which illustrate the faith that many have in a gender revolution. With the help from those taking an initiative, women are seeing in action; women who, since they have discovered the sizzling reality of their surroundings, have been heading projects that offer a transformative response.

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Academic Articles: 

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