I Am the Rape (Zimbabwe: 2006)


Heeten Bhagat


The film, I Am the Rape is a Zimbabwean film that brings a poem by Dambudzo Marechera to visual life. The film focuses on the racial violence Marechera and many other Zimbabweans came across when dealing with the police. It shows all this by using documentary images, some staged some real, in order to capture the true harrowing experience a group of people had to endure while living in Zimbabwe.


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Academic Articles:

Z’etoile Imma, “I am The Rape” Exile, Sexual Violence, and the Body in the Poems of Dambudzo Marechera Women, Gender, and Sexualities in Africa (Collection of analytical writing)

Emmanuel Sigauke, The Dambudzo Marechera we Remember Zimbo Jam (Online Magazine)

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